Aberdeen Angus semen to Kazakhstan

by Simon Gee on 10 February 2023.

Signed at the House of Lords in the presence of Baroness Nicholson, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy for Kazakhstan, the participants were Robert Whitcomb from The Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society, Rob Wills, Founding Director of UK Sires and Dauren Salykov, Director of the Kazak Angus Chamber.

Working alongside the Aberdeen Angus breed Society and the Department for International Trade, Rob Wills has been instrumental in forging this new link.

“We feel privileged to be at the forefront with the Aberdeen Angus Society in this ground-breaking development overseas”, says Rob. “In the UK we have a great history in livestock breeding that is still revered and acknowledged today. In effect, what still turns heads in our direction as cattle breeders are the remarkable skills that British breeders have in making the very best of what we have, grass and forage in abundance, and utilising environmental skills by rearing livestock that turn this into high value protein, either milk or meat.”

Exports have always been key core to the business. Rob brought with him 10 years of experience in bull semen exports around the world with UK Genetics through the 1990s. Having the independence, flexibility and experience in worldwide trade from British privately owned bulls, especially from British native breeds like Aberdeen Angus, to countries as diverse as Rwanda and New Zealand, to Germany and the United States is the heartbeat of the company as it moves forward with a young team in place.

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