CAL24 - new Calcium bolus

by Simon Gee on 20 February 2023.

Rumilife CAL24 is a uniquely formulated bolus product to promote calcium levels in freshly calved cows and is the only calcium supplement on the market that allows you to administer both boluses at the same time, making proper compliance easier for all.

Each bolus contains 50 grammes of calcium (100g per dose) made up of calcium chloride, a fast-release source of calcium; calcium carbonate, a medium-release calcium; and Calmin, a slow-release calcium.

These key ingredients make this your once-and-done solution for a full 24 hours of calcium coverage: 

1. Calmin, a seaweed-derived highly available source of calcium and magnesium

2. Vitamin D, which helps regulate and maximize calcium absorption.

CAL24 is suitable for all breeds. Boluses are tapered and coated with coconut oil and paraffin wax, making it easy to swallow for any breed.

Key Benefits

  • Contains calcium chloride for immediate release
  • Contains Calmin, a naturally found combination of seaweed-derived calcium and magnesium oxide, for a long-lasting sustained release
  • Contains vitamin D to maximize absorption and utilization of calcium important for the first 24 hours after calving and other times associated with low calcium levels
  • Provides 100g of calcium per dose (50g per bolus)
  • The only single dose product on the market proven to sustain calcium levels for 24 hours
  • Boluses are tapered and coated in paraffin wax and coconut oil for easy administration in all breeds

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