Message from the Directors

by Simon Gee on 02 April 2020.

On behalf of all of us at UK Sires, we are delighted to confirm that throughout the present Covid 19 crisis and the resulting essential precautions that we must all take, we are open for business.

Our first consideration, of course, is our own team, insisting and ensuring that we all abide by a strict code of discipline to maintain the health and welfare standards demanded by such a situation inflicted by the Covid 19 world-wide pandemic. Obviously this creates pressure points and we deal with each as they arise and greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of our many clients, both here in the UK and around the world. For this, we thank all of you and we thank you for your continued business. We are busy, but we will always make time for you – our customers.

To this, the Directors of UK Sire Services Ltd would like to personally thank our incredibly dedicated team in their different departments and with their many and varied responsibilities. We pride ourselves on our highest of standards and on our personal touch and customer care.

Bring on the next bull – we are ready!

Rob Wills, Director.


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