Socials 100 Semen Collection Offer terms & conditions

by Simon Gee on 12 April 2024.

Social 100 Terms and conditions

  • The offer is only available to those who register their interest in an on-stud application up until the end of June 2024. An on-stud application must be submitted to the APHA by 31st August 2024.
  • All bulls applied for must be IBR negative and meet the APHA requirements. An application does not guarantee that the bull can come to the stud.
  • Only on-stud applications are considered for this offer.
  • Only one licence per holding number will be eligible. 
  • To redeem the offer the words ‘Socials 100’ must be used at the time of enquiry, retrospective statements will not be accepted.
  • The collection must be conducted during the licence period stated in the dates above.  
  • The bull must successfully collect a minimum of 500 straws before the offer is applied.
  • Only the first 100 straws successfully processed during the period of time on the stud will be charged at the reduced rate, and only if 500 straws are successfully stored.
  • Only samples meeting the minimum UK Sires requirements will be processed.
  • All samples meeting the post thaw requirements will be stored and charged for at the usual rate, bar the first 100.
  • A monetary reduction equating to 100 stored straws will be removed from your charges at the time of billing.
  • The offer is open to new and existing customers if the correct phrase is used.

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