Thinking of exporting your bull's semen?

by Charlotte Heavisides on 20 July 2020.

At UK Sire Services, the majority of semen export opportunities are successfully identified and actioned AFTER the bull has left stud and BEFORE the specific export orders have been generated.  This is because UKSS are experts in matching health test requirements with available semen stocks for individual bulls retrospectively.

At UKSS we take blood samples from all bulls on stud every 28 days and store the serum.  This enables us to send serum off to the testing laboratory to qualify available stocks in store after the bull has left stud.  Because most testing requirements pre, post and during semen collection involve timeframes that include 28 days, UKSS succeeds in completing the order in 90% of cases.  This methodology also allows UKSS to continue to qualify semen for export in many instances after export regulations have been changed, as they periodically are.

At present, all registered UK studs are EU approved which means all semen collected from resident bulls qualifies for export to the EU with no additional testing. For countries outside the EU, a valid Export Health Certificate (EHC) ideally needs to be in place. This can be checked at   However, if the country you are interested in is not represented here it may still be possible to export at your own risk if an import permit or other appropriate document can be sourced from the country of interest.

For Export information or sales contact our Export Director on [email protected] or call 07980 894660.

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